Be Jammin’!

Dear diary Auntie Moonbeam,

This is an idea that percolated in my brain for years (see previous post to understand getting stuck in perpetual design paralysis)

When my son was born I remember a steady stream of visitors for the first few weeks. Of course I have no clear memory of who those people were or what I ended up doing with all the food they brought (did I eat it? Put it in the dryer?) but that’s what a little sleep deprivation’ll do to ya!

One thing I do remember was a visit from my sister-in-law in which she shared a story about knowing a boy in grade school with the same name as my newly arrived son:

We teased him by calling him ‘BenJAMIN’. Get it? Like he was always dancing!

Why would anyone think that was insulting? That’s awesome! My childbirth-addled brain immediately started dreaming up how to turn that nickname into something cool.

Aside – perhaps that’s why it took so long for this idea to come to fruition. Turns out it takes a while for brains to unaddle after childbirth…

Okay, end of aside and onto the project at hand!

First I sketched out my idea with a Sharpie into a serving platter. Why those mediums? Honestly I don’t know, it just happened to be what I had handy. Plus if it looked cool then the project would be finished much faster than I planned! Bonus!


Okay yeahhhhh, it didn’t look cool. But still the idea had merit…hmmm, another future project for the ol’ cranial backburner…

Onto the computer I went. A little photoshop action and this is what I had. Please excuse the crappy photo quality. That’s my phone taking a picture of my laptop. What can I say? I get lazy in the weirdest ways.


Okay we’re getting closer…but something’s still off. Ahhha! It’s the colour. I was messing with too many elements. Note to self: when graphic simplicity is what you’re after don’t go complicating things with misguided efforts at “gettin’ fancy”

After a trip to the art store I ended up with the following


Black craft paint & raw wood canvas.

Now, who spots the flaw in this already? Show of hands!

That’s right! In the slightly euphoric haze brought about by rows and rows of shiny art supplies I accidentally bought airbrush paint. Possessing neither an airbrush nor a hot rod in need of some bitchin’ flames I was forced to put aside the black paint.

Cruising past that little glitch I started ruling up the guidelines:


Then penciling in the letters – this is when you appreciate the magical power of the lowly eraser…


Finally the painting. Note the blobs and streaks. ‘Cause I sure as heck did. Within minutes of putting brush to wood my plan of clean stroke letters evolved into messy imperfection.


A little more eraser and voila! A sign four years in the making. Worth the wait if I do say so myself!



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