Hi there!

I went back and forth over where to start this blog. Do I dive right in and throw up pictures? Maybe…everyone likes pictures, right?

Or do I share a little background and give context? There’s a thought, everyone likes context, right? Haha!

In the end I decided on context. Let’s begin with some background – and I know what you’re thinking “wow – could this get any more gripping?!” Bear with me, after this intro I promise to get to the good stuff!

Three main things drive my creative endevours….


There’s a movie trailer out now for a documentary about men and women who create hand-painted signs. I find that idea and those people fascinating. One of the artists said something that resonated with me:

“I think that every human being has the capability of altering their environment for the better with their bare hands.”

(Fun fact: it took four watches of the trailer to capture that word for word!)

I believe in and try to embody that statement wholeheartedly



Yet another quote (I know, this is getting wordy, pictures are coming I promise!) I tried googling this but for once the great google gods left me hanging. It was either Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who said something like:

“Perfection isn’t profit. Product is profit”

Not that I’m out for profit – who starts a blog to make money??? But the idea that perfection isn’t an attainable goal or even a desirable end result is what I take away from that. The achievement of creation is the best reward. So many projects I’ve wanted to do over the years have been left unfinished (or even unstarted) because I couldn’t work the design or the materials or the product to match the finished picture in my head. So I’d give up…

No more! No more chasing perfect. It ain’t out there! Now I embrace the mistakes. I live with the less than perfect. I make the best of what I got. And it makes me damned happy.


When I first heard about blogs years ago I had no idea why on earth anyone would want to put their personal thoughts out for the whole world to see. Then I read a couple and I realized it was less about exhibitionism and more about people’s inherent desire to share. One could argue the scales have tipped into oversharing territory but that’s a debate for another day.

There’s one specific person with whom I’d like to share my work. Hell, perhaps the only person who’ll ever end up reading this blog (besides my mom – Hi Mom!)

This blog is directed toward and deliberately dedicated to my dear Auntie Moonbeam. She was the first artistic force in my life and I owe a great deal of my current state of creative frenzy to the philosophy she instilled in me at an early age. Although she never put it into words (that my little brain remembers anyway) her spirit of wanton creation and arms wide open embrace of risk were lessons that feed into my every project and increasingly my approach to life in general.

Also she’s currently laid up with a nasty case o’ pneumonia and I figured at the very least this blog and photos would give her something fun to look at while she recuperates!

Okay, I’ve rambled long enough. Time for the good stuff. Next up: my first pictures post!


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Great job Beck! Your entries are fun to read, witty, lots of pictures, and not overly technical. Looking forward to reading more:)

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