From blah to beautiful

Dear Auntie Moonbeam,

Do you ever wake up with an idea magically and fully complete in your mind? Something you weren’t aware your brain was working on until it pops up?

When that happens I like to picture a secret war room in the dusty back recesses of my brain where a bunch of Keebleresque elves work in fits of creative energy. Then when something is ready for production they fling open the door and throw out a picture!

Anyone else have that same thought? No? Fair enough, the weirdo stands alone…

Anyway, one morning I woke up with a graphic idea for my linen closet doors. Up until that moment I had no idea my linen closet doors were in need of graphic but apparently the elves thought different.

Here’s a pair of doors so boring they practically scream “nothing to see here people, move along, move along!”

Or maybe they’re so boring they just mumble it.



Then I blatantly copied borrowed inspiration from something I saw in a movie once.

Love Actually

Bonus points to anyone who can name that movie. If you can you’re likely at least one of the following things:

One – a girl

Two – a lover of Christmas movies

Three – in possession of a stupidly good memory for useless yet weirdly specific movie trivia like me

The logical next step would have been to print a stencil or rent a projector to trace an outline. But who got anywhere by being logical? Except probably Einstein. That guy seems pretty methodical.

Instead I drew two horizontal guidelines (at least I know enough to use a level) and dove right in.

Imagine timelapse of 1-2 hours...

Imagine time lapse of 1-2 hours…

Many back and forth touch ups later (grey then white then grey then….well you get the picture). And voila!  Instant (& cheap) interest to an otherwise drab set of doors!

Launderette letters complete 1

I’m toying with the idea of a pink keyline…I wonder what the elves will think about that?

Laundrette letters 2


3 thoughts on “From blah to beautiful

  1. You don’t stand alone. The same thing happens to me!! Sometimes a random lesson for work pops into my head. Sometimes the picture of perfect living room just pops out. Hence the reason I always have to be in the throes of a renovation. if I’m not, I am dying inside!! I just wish
    I could act on every inspiration! Cause there is a lot in that noggin of mine!!

  2. Dearest Sweetest Becky! How can I thank you for including me in your wonderful blog … in such a special way! I feel so very honoured … and so very encouraged by your example of “taking life one crazy project at a time”. Lets hear it for gung-ho, full-steam-ahead, hair-straight-back creative passion … and the freedom to be ourselves!

    I love you so much sweetheart … and admire you with all my heart and soul!

    Happy Easter to us all!

    Auntie Moonbeam

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