Furniture jewelry

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

Please forgive my lack of witty opening story.  Or do I flatter myself that any of my stories are witty? Hahaha….

As I write this I’m muddling through the last gasp of a head cold. Turns out stuffy brains don’t come up with great creative content.  Who knew?

This is a fun fast project that yielded some highly satisfying results. As a lover of Sharpie pens (well pens in general really) I was stoked when I came across this on another great DIY blog.  You can colour on porcelain with a Sharpie and then bake it on permanently??  Freakin’ cool!

I started with my uber simple supplies: knobs from Canadian Tire and Sharpie markers:

Since I only needed three knobs I decided to use the fourth as a colour experiment. And thank goodness I did. I had a misguided notion that my yellow Sharpie would soften to a buttery creamy yellow in the oven.

This is why we test....

This is why we test….

Yeaaaahhhh, it didn’t….
So I picked my favourite of the four colours and started on the other three knobs.

Originally I was going to copy the method I’d seen on the original post – single strokes from the centre out. Then I started to scribble a little. Then a lot. Then everywhere!

Before I knew it I had created something that reminded me full-blown roses. Hmmmm, not what I intended but damned if I didn’t love it.

Any one else smell roses?

Any one else smell roses?

Note for production – I found that going back over the same spots I’d already done gave darker lines and therefore depth to the ‘roses’

Then (because I missed the part in the original post about letting the knobs sit for 24 hours) they went right into the oven at for 30 minutes at 350.  Hmm, I wonder how they’d look if they’d sat the requisite 24 hours first….

Finally - a use for my mini muffin tray!

Finally – a use for my mini muffin tray!

Thirty minutes later I had fresh-baked knobs!

Knobs after baking

Bah – who needs 24 hours, these ladies look fabulous!

Here they are looking glam & gleaming!

Finished knobs

And then in context on my pretty painted lady!

*le sigh*

*le sigh*

So all told I invested maybe 45 minutes.  And most of that time was spent enjoying a coffee and a cupcake while I waited for my knobs to bake.  I love me some good lazy DIY!

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11 thoughts on “Furniture jewelry

  1. I like how the baking softened the
    intensity of the colour. Muted it so to
    speak! Still that beautiful turquoise, but
    muted. I love a soft muted colour!! It
    teases you.

    • Hi Victoria!

      Thanks for hosting the party!

      The marker does turn shiny but be aware it also changes colour. I would advise doing a test bake first to make sure you’re getting the colour you want.

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