Castle Part 1

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

Ahhh, Friday of a long weekend…are there any better words in the English language?  And while I would argue that all Fridays are good this one is officially labelled as such so it must mean it’s extra special!

This is my first posting of a project still in progress.  I’ll follow up with others as time goes on.  I don’t like leaving a project unfinished (it’s like an itch in my brain) but let’s face it, sometimes the fun stuff gets put on hold while one attends to life, laundry or lunch.  Not necessarily in that order…

Here’s another find from the Elegant Garage Sale.  Seriously I can’t say enough good things about that place.  By all means check out their website but never pass up a chance to visit it in person.  The place can be a treasure trove of goodies.  Just don’t forget to check out their basement.

Recently I spotted this beauty in their front display.

Castle Before

C’mon!  What kid wouldn’t love a castle like that?  With all it’s little staircases, hidden bits and fun details?  I wanna play with it!

Now I know what you’re thinking.  Don’t I have a boy child?  Why yes, yes I do!

But I looked past the hearts, flowers and pink accents to the bare wood below and much like the pretty painted lady I liked this piece for it’s possiblities.

Although seriously ,who puts hearts on a castle?  Do you think the conversation at the post-construction meeting went something like this:

Medieval client: Yeah Frank, I like it, I do…it’s just…I dunno, missing something….

Medieval contractor: Well Sir, we did have these pink heart decals, I just didn’t think…

Medieval client: No, no!! That’s perfect!  Put them right up there near the parapets.  Yeah that’s it!  Right there!

Medieval contractor: Are you sure?  You don’t think your enemies will-

Medieval client: Don’t be silly, it completes it!  Plus do you see how they accent the trebuchets?  That’s just the look I was going for!

Medieval contractor (in his head): I’m totally getting drummed outta the guild for this one…

But I digress…

Here are the progress shots.  I’m keeping it simple – most grey with blue, yellow and red accents.  I’m also working on tiny little flags for the parapets.  Probably something with my boy’s initials.  Or maybe a coat of arms….hmmm…

Castle During 1

As you can see the castle conveniently came apart quite easily.  Very efficent design for refinishing – those medieval contractors must have gotten their way this time.


A couple of hours (and a few episodes of House of Cards) later and here’s where it ended up:


And that’s were we leave our little story for this week.  Check back later for the finished product.

Also, if you happen to be talking to my kid between now and then mum’s the word, alright?

**Update**  If you wanna skip ahead and see the final product click here!


5 thoughts on “Castle Part 1

  1. Loving this!! Has your Mom told you about
    the store I’d like to do in PEI when I retire?
    This is the very thing I wanted to do. Take
    found objects, redo them for sale. My thought was doing furniture etc for cottages.
    Hoping my market would be people who
    were looking for items while on holiday, or
    their new cottage. I’ve done so many pieces
    for my own home over the years with solid
    wood furniture etc. Anyhow I digress! What i mean to say is, i would put any creations you want to sell in a store if I have one! What I would hope is that I could find a small space that would cost me next to nothing to rent. Then we could all just put things in there for sale! I’d only have it open at very specific times or by appt. Love
    the castle. Can’t wait to see this result!!

    Auntie B

    • Thanks Katherine! And thanks for reading!

      I had a Barbie RV when I was a kid that gave me many happy memories. But I woulda loved something like this. Imagine the battles he’ll reenact!

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