Compensating with chevron

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

There’s a hole in my bedroom.

Well not a literal hole, that would be of some concern. Mainly to the folks below – who needs that kind of view?? Plus the strong likelihood that their place would suffer damage from the constant downpour of matchbox cars.

No, there’s a hole in the decor of my bedroom. It’s not immediately noticeable because I’ve craftily drawn the eye elsewhere – but I have no frame for my bed.

Yup that’s right, I live ghetto styles with my mattress on the floor.

I have an idea for a bed frame (stay tuned!) but it’s sitting lower on the list of projects these days. Mainly ’cause the lack doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. Turns out a grey toned box spring kinda looks like a bed frame.

The one thing that does bug me is the lack of a headboard. A bed feels incomplete without something backing it up.

Imagine James Brown with no backup dancers. No, no, stay with me and think about it! Without them he’d just be an solo gyrating guy yellin’ strange musical noises into a bedazzled mic. Not the same, is it?

Lesson being, every bed needs a good set of backup dancers.

Enter stage left my preferred and trusted (read: available and cheap) medium for a quick fix – paint!

Here’s a shot of the bedroom after I’d done the whole room in grey. I taped off a rectangle and painted it white.


Then, and this was the longest and most boring part of the project, I measured and drew in the pattern. I won’t bore you with the details but know that it involved a level, a pencil, 1.5 rolls of painters tape and fair amount of muttering.


A couple hours later and I was able to begin the fun part. Putting up colour. The first few strokes of colour – especially a bright pop such as this – is like a breath of fresh air. I feel invigorated the minute the paint hits the wall.


Although I gotta say as much as I like putting up the colour nothing beats pulling off the tape! There are a few schools of thought about how long the tape should stay on – should one let the paint set or yank it off straight away?

I’m in the let ‘er rip camp mainly ’cause I lack the patience to wait.

Note the wet paint on the dangling strips of tape.  Dangerous?  Sure.  Satisfying?  Hell yes!

You can’t see it clearly but there’s wet paint on those dangling strips of tape. Dangerous? Sure. Satisfying? Hell yes!

See how you almost don’t notice the lack of headboard? Massive aqua chevron pattern for the win!


If you look closely you can spot the mistake for this project. I’ll cop to being too lazy to go back and fix it!

Just looking at the bright colour and the graphic pattern lifts my mood. It’s like the decor equivalent of Prozac!

**Quick programming note – I’ll be switching to posting three days a week going forward. Monday, Wednesday & the ever popular Friday. Gotta attend to things other than painting & blogging! Thanks to all for reading and the great feedback!**


One thought on “Compensating with chevron

  1. Hi! I’m over from L’amour chez nous. I love your chevron wall! It reminds me of a herringbone too… It adds a great accent to your bedroom. I know what you mean about taking off the tape… So satisfying!

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