Urban Sketching – Yonge & Eg

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

Today I gotta talk about a pretty sexy topic – programming!  I can feel your excitement building….

In the spirit of full disclosure I have to admit I can’t keep up with three long posts a week! It’s not a lack of projects, it’s a lack of time to write them.  Writing and photo editing on the subway just ain’t cutting it! My hope is that this new schedule will help with the blogload!

From now on Mondays will be sketchy days. Not in the sense that they are untrustworthy or suspect. (Note to self: geeky love of wordplay starting to show…must rein that in…)  I’m referring to sketches in the traditional sense. Every Monday I’ll be posting new drawings from the week before along with short stories giving context/background.  This is an effort on my part to sketch something every day – even if it’s just the view from inside a bus shelter as a I wait for the streetcar!

Wednesdays will be dedicated to big or ongoing projects.  This will be furniture face-lifts, art projects or anything I’ve made with my two little hands (watch for a fun light fixture coming this week!)

Friday is a mixed bag.  I’ve got a few recipes in the pipeline.  Maybe some guest posts.  Little projects perfectly sized for weekend completion.  DIY kid’s toys.  That kind of thing.

Final administrative note: I’m adding a page to this ol’ blog dedicated to urban sketching.  For the time being it’ll be populated with sketches from days past (all TO based).  As time goes on I’ll be adding my weekly sketches, as well as drawings from my travels.

Without any further ado here’s the first of the weekly sketches.

The towers at Yonge & Eglinton.  Living a short distance away I appreciate how the much the area is starting to resemble a mini downtown.  As I understand it local residents are less thrilled (parking being a highly prized commodity) but for my purely aesthetic enjoyment it’s aces!

Urban Sketches - Yonge & Eg

Sorry for the light post today, I promise to come back with more as the weeks go by and the weather gets better (read: more accommodating for some art adventures en plein air!)


Thoughts? Comments? Insight?

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