Light it up!

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

This is one of those born of necessity DIY projects.

For the most part I love the design of my apartment. The layout works beautifully and there’s a fun set of steps between my dining and living rooms. Whhheeeee!

However, there was one ball dropped during construction – no overhead light in the living room.  It isn’t a big deal during the day but after nightfall one corner of the room goes positively grotto.  And not the cozy kind but the full darkness shrouding the land kind.

I’m on the hunt for a lamp – so far no luck.  And yes, I have been watching the dumpster but so far nada. Seems people toss far fewer lamps than wood side tables. Go figure!

In the meantime this is something I cobbled together out of stuff I had on hand.

Do you remember a few years back when those hanging paper flower lights were so popular?  I don’t know if this is exactly the same light but they looked kinda like this:


I had a knock off version I bought at a floor model sale and I always loved the way it diffused light and just looked so darned pretty.

Alas, she was not to last. Two moves ago the plastic shield that kept the paper from touching the bulb split. Badly. Thinking I would someday fashion a new shield I stuck the light in a box and forgot about it.

During my last unpacking I came across the box – it was labeled “Fragile – Broken Flower Light”.

Aside: How awesome are my friends?  They must have come across that box during the move and thought ‘really? we’re moving a box of junk?!?’  But to their credit they said nothing, chose to accept my weirdness and move the silly thing anyway.  Thanks guys!

Opening the box my easily distracted agile mind went “hey – half a light! I can work with that!”

And so began the hunt around my apartment for more lamp making materials. Fortunately being in the middle stages of unpacking (otherwise known as the hardest & most easily abandoned for something more fun part) meant there was a lot of random stuff lying around. My eyes lit upon a large glass vase and a mason jar.

Okay, an idea is beginning to form. Let’s see where this goes….


First I cut a portion of cardboard to fit inside the lid of the mason jar. With an inner circle cut out for the bulb.


Yup – that’ll do.


Then, and this is the really complicated bit so pay close attention; I put the mason jar inside the vase.


Then the fun part, and the closest I hope to come to gardening for a long time, I arranged the flowers so that they draped out of the vase.


The result is pleasingly imperfect and again darned pretty.


See how she glows!


8 thoughts on “Light it up!

  1. She’s pretty Becky! Very creative. That no light thing is a killer! We had a house in Montreal. Early sixties about. No overhead lights in the living room or sunroom. Drove me crazy. Two huge rooms. No overhead lights!! Now that I think about it, my living room doesn’t have one either. However, in this house my dining room chandelier lends light to the living room.

    • No overhead lights is annoying from a functional standpoint! I don’t mind when I’m just hanging out or watching TV but when I’m working on projects it’s downright annoying!

      Fortunately the flower light helps with that!


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