Apartment Tour

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

I love me a good floor plan. Like geeky silly love.  Like pore over for hours and daydream about possiblities love.

My love is so strong that I would name AutoCAD as my favourite bit of software.  Hands down.  Yup, that’s strong nerd love right there.

I don’t have a great memory for a lot of things ( thank goodness my kid learned how to say ‘I’m hungry’ ’cause otherwise there’d be a lotta missed meals around my place.)

But floor plans?  Those embed in my brain for years. No joke – I could draft a reasonably accurately floor plan for very house/apartment/dorm room I’ve ever lived in.

Hmmm…note to self: must try this someday – future art project…

Sorry, where was I? Oh yeah, floor plans. To me they’re almost more evocative than photos. They’re like little mini puzzles to be followed, played with, figured out, futzed with – hours of fun!

Which brings me to today’s project. Or rather a lack thereof. I’ve got a big project planned for next week (stand by for my first full room reveal!)

In the meantime I thought it would be fun to give you a wee apartment tour via floor plan. Plus it gives a sense of where all my various projects fit into the larger context.

Despite my aforementioned love of CAD I decided to hand draw this sucker.  Why?  No good reason really, I just thought it’d be fun to draw it out.  Turns out, yup, it was!

In keeping with my motto of 'always show mistakes' I used the drawing as is with no photoshopping out my wonky lines.  Although I kinda wanted to....

In keeping with my motto of ‘always show mistakes’ I used the drawing as is with no photoshopping out my wonky lines. Even though I really wanted to….

I’ve also added an Apartment Tour page above.  As you can see there are reference numbers throughout the plan.  If you click on the page above you’ll find numbered links to those projects.  I’ll keep updating it as we go along.  Maybe I’ll get fancy and make a watercolour plan next time!

Welcome to my home!


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