Magnetic Memo Board

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

Friday!  Sweet, sweet Friday! Filled with the promise of freedom, sunshine and pizza dinner!

Am I the only one who equates Friday nights with pizza? Growing up every other Friday was pizza night and it’s a hard habit to shake. Admittedly I haven’t tried very hard….

I thought we’d take it easy today and tackle a project that’ll take maybe ten minutes start to finish. The longest part of this project will be picking the pretty paper. If you’re anything like me, and I think it’s safe to assume you are, you could drool over gorgeous Japanese paper for hours!

Here’s what you’ll need and it’s all available at any art supply store.

  • Thin fiberboard (any size you fancy)
  • Magnetic paper with sticky backing
  • Magnets
  • Yummy pretty paper
  • Exacto knife
  • Cutting board
  • Picture mounting hardware
  • Packing tape

Magnetic Memo Board materials

First cut your magnetic paper into strips.

Magnetic Memo Board materials

Then lay the strips out in an even arrangement.  Or go completely random, it’s up to you.  The one thing I made sure of was to have strips at the edges so that the paper didn’t bulge over the magnetic paper in the middle. Make sense?

Magnetic Memo Board

Once the magnetic stripes are stuck down flip the board over and nail in your mounting hardware.

Magnetic Memo Board

Then you lay your board down over the paper (if you’ve got a complicated pattern make sure you line the board up evenly on all sides)


Then you tape it down with some packing tape (or any kind of tape you have on hand.)

Magnetic Memo Board

And voila!  You’ve got yourself a memo board! I have mine by the front door covered with lists and paint chips. Well really they’re lists written on paint chips. Who says efficiency can’t be pretty?

Magnetic Memo Board

Magnetic Memo Board

Happy weekend Auntie Moonbeam! Enjoy your garden of jub-jubs!

Anyone else suddenly in the mood for pizza tonight?


Thoughts? Comments? Insight?

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