Thumb Tack Sign

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

Bonus post today!


I’m attempting to attend my first link up party.  Geez, I hope I’m dressed appropriately….are pajamas acceptable for online parties?  One never knows…

The lovely folks at Young House Love are hosting their spring edition Pinterest Challenge.  Basically it’s a way to get people off their virtual butts and crafting in real life.  The theory is you take something you’ve pinned and actually make it.

I went basic for my first try.  I’ve had this pinned for quite some time:

Thumb Tack Pinterest Photo

I like the simplicity of execution – it doesn’t get any easier than thumb tacks, does it?

Meanwhile, in another area of my apartment, there’s a wall I was slowly filling up with stuff.  I had one final gap that I managed to fill with an old cupboard door I found in the bountiful dumpsters out back.

Wall art display

The door has a great wood grain that I happily lived with for a while until this opportunity came up and I figured this would be the perfect chance to try my hand at making a thumb tack sign.

Wood cabinet door

In my enthusiasm to complete this project I skipped a crucial step – outlining the letters.  Oops!  Instead I laid out the tacks and when I was happy with the look I started flipping them over one by one and pushing them in.

Thumb tack sign

It wasn’t a bad approach as it turns out ’cause in the end it looked pretty  much as I intended.  Perhaps I coulda gotten the letters a little straighter with an outline but hey, live & learn!

Thumb Tack Sign

And yes, I do see the holes in the door where the hardware was mounted but I kinda like that.  Adds to the character of the piece I think!

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16 thoughts on “Thumb Tack Sign

  1. Great idea! I too have a “bonus post” for later today, my “dude, get on that already” button was broken this week ;)

    Yay for Pinterest Challenges! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love that you recycled a cabinet door. I have a bunch old kitchen cabinets in our garage just begging for something fun to be done with them. Thanks for the inspiration!

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