Top Ten Things my Mom Taught Me

In no particular order…

  1. Be nice to everyone.  Strangers, friends, family – they all deserve kindness.
  2. To accurately measure flour pour it gently into a measuring cup and scrape off excess with a knife
  3. Accept your kids they are.  Celebrate and take pride their unique weirdness.
  4. When you shake someone’s hand do it firmly.  Anything less is a shoddy first impression.
  5. Easy chip dip – sour cream, Worcester sauce, onion soup mix
  6. Respect the elderly.  You’re headed there too one day.
  7. Use your no’s wisely – as in “sure you can dye your hair blue”, “no you cannot drop out of school”
  8. This too shall pass.
  9. Take extra care and effort with everyone who matters to you.  Doesn’t matter if the effort isn’t noticed.  It’s always worth it.
  10. Craft the bejesus outta everything.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.  I love you.


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