Leather Wrapped Vase

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

I know I promised a sketchbook tour today but then I did a project over the weekend that was so crazy simple I had to share it. It’s pretty, it’s easy and it took less than two minutes to complete. Seriously, waiting for the glue gun to heat up was the longest part!

This weekend I cleaned out my front hall closet. It went from unruly overstuffed disaster to manageable chaos. Big step up!  More on that in a future post…

In the cleaning I came across the leather belts that came with my boots. I think the theory was that they could be added or removed depending on the level of leather boot formality required for any given social occasion.

However, being possessed of neither a working fashion sense or discernible style I’d taken the belts off and stuffed them in the closet.

Upon a second look at the belts I was reminded of something I’d pinned a while back


So I hunted up an appropriate sized jar from my collection.

Aside: have I mentioned I have an ever-growing collection of glass jars? Why? You might reasonably ask. I’m not sure…

Anyway here are the supplies (minus the aforementioned glue gun.)


I added just one dab of glue at one end of one belt (in case I changed my mind one day and want to bling out my boots again) and wrapped it round the glass jar, joining it with the second belt along the way.

Leather Wrapped Vase.jpg

Then at the top I added one more dab of glue and voila! Leather wrapped vase!


And then with flowers! Ahhh lilacs!


Finally, I wanna say thanks to Danielle from Storypiece for the kind shout out today!

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20 thoughts on “Leather Wrapped Vase

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  2. Great! Could I post it in my blog, translated in Italian, provided that your blog is indicated as the original source?
    Thanks for a reply! Bye for now, Daniela.

  3. Somehow I missed this in my previous readings… this is so fantastic! Love it!

    PS… I’m following you on bloglovin’ now, so don’t be alarmed that I’m unfollowing you on WP. Still love you! ~M.

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