Stylish Bedroom for a Unique Teenage Girl

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

I’ve got an amazing niece named Bailey.  For those of you out there who don’t have an amazing niece named Bailey I highly recommend you get one.  Totally worth the investment.

She’s effortlessly cool, stylish as hell and crazy creative. She’s everything I wanted to be at her age.

So when I overheard her mom mentioning plans for her new room I immediately interjected myself into the conversation and begged to be allowed to design her room.

For someone as pulled together and mature as Bailey I knew we were going to have to venture outside the expected teenage girl stereotypes. I wanted a room that would reflect the creativity and personality that fairly drips from this gal. Also chief among my goals was to provide a room that would remain relevant and adaptable as this young lady (gulp!) grows up.

I began with colours, accessories and a floor plan.

Stylish Teenage Girl Room

Then it was the mad scramble installation phase.  I personally love this stage – when you’re racing a clock (Bailey’s on the way back from camp!  She’ll be here any minute!!) and you stay up ’til the wee hours while your mom curls up to sleep in a corner (no offense intended Mom – you were a freakin’ trooper!)

Stylish Teenage Girl Bedroom

Until at last you drop the paint brush, straighten the fabrics, arrange the accessories and take a deep breath.  Time to open the door to see the look on your niece’s face as she absorbs that this glamorous grown up room is for her.  No better feeling!

Stylish Teenage Girl BedroomStylish Teenage Girl Bedroom VanityStylish Teenage Girl's Room

Breaking down the accessories…

Stylish Teenage Girl Bedroom

Stylish Teenage Girl's Room

Doesn’t it make you wanna be a teenage girl again? If only for the stamina to stay up all night talking to your girlfriends!

Anyone else planning a room for a teenager? I’d love to hear how you handled the balance between personality and functionality!


15 thoughts on “Stylish Bedroom for a Unique Teenage Girl

  1. This was a wonderful surprise for bailey who cried when she saw her new room, thank you Auntie Becky for all your hard work, creativity and countless hours spent planning and shopping and pulling this off for my little girl….ahem…young lady ;)

    -the mom

    • Dear ‘the mom’ :)

      It was my pleasure!

      I’ve got my fingers crossed she’ll let me do her dorm room, first apartment, first house, etc!

      I could make a living outta designing for this girl!


  2. In my defence I curled up and went to sleep at 2:30 am! I love to see my tea cups used like that. They can be used in so many different ways. To add to the regal theme one of them was my favourite that Bailey liked as well. It was a coronation tea cup that my grandmother bought when Princess Elizabeth became Queen. I always loved it in her cabinet and was so pleased to pass it along.

  3. Love all the feminine touches without being over-the-top girly. When I was 13, I sketched my fantasy bedroom in purple, gray, and black, although it was nothing glam like this. Great job, Becky! ~M.

    • Oops, just looked around the blog some more and realized you are extremely talented! I was just browsing some links through Facebook as opposed to hanging out on the page.

  4. Nicely done, Cool Aunt! I absolutely love it. We restyled my daughters room (she’s 13) last summer and it was so fun. Since we christened it The Purple Palace, I have to know where you got the queen chess piece. Tess NEEDS it in her room! I love the mini disco ball too. Hope Bailey is enjoying her new space!

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