Sketchy Styles now on Etsy!

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

To say I’m excited today would be an understatement….

I’m full out thrilled/terrified/excited/nervous/a little hungry/kinda tired/overall crazy jazzed!!

Today I get to announce something I’ve dreamt about for years. Years!

Sketchy Styles is now open for business on Etsy!

Welcome!  Come on in!

Welcome! Come on in!

I’m starting small with a few offerings but I hope over time to add more (kid’s toys, seasonal decor, custom art cards, etc)

For now check out the below (or come on over to my new shop!!) to see what’s on offer.

Sketchy Styles Etsy Store

To celebrate the occasion, and because I’m riding kinda high right now, I’d like to offer my first free printable!

One of the items I’ll be selling is kid’s colouring pages. Most kid’s colouring books can be kinda a snooze – mass produced and featureless. I think kids should be exposed to something different. Something that shows them that it’s okay to make mistakes and get a little messy. Something to let them find their own personal sketchy style!

Free Kid's Colouring Page Printable

I’m not sophisticated enough yet to figure out how to post a downloadable PDF so if you’d like a free copy of the above image (without watermark obviously!) subscribe via email (see button on my sidebar) and I’ll email you a PDF. Just make sure your confirmation email doesn’t end up in your spam box! If you have any problems reaching me just leave me a message in the comments – I’m happy to share!

I hope to see you around the shop!

Cheers & mucho besos!


17 thoughts on “Sketchy Styles now on Etsy!

  1. YAY!! Many congrats!! This is really great news, I love the idea of the colouring pages…when I saw this I said “ohhhh a Firetruck!!” :) Jack will love it…Great work Becks!!

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