Stylish Teenage Girl Bedroom – The Details

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

You know what I’m not gonna do anymore? Preview next week’s posts. Bad idea as it turns out!  All that stuff I said I’d do last week? Yeahhh, I’d say I stuck to maybe half that. Oops….

In my defense I was living under an Etsy rock this week.  Little things like schedules, laundry, dishes and eating fell by the wayside!

Hahaha!  I’m totally kidding on that last one!  Like I’d actually forget to eat…c’mon!

Again today I’m pushing back the scheduled post to write about something different. I’ll post another time about my latest dumpster finds ’cause today we’re breaking down Bailey’s room!

Not literally of course – not after all my hard work….

I realized after I posted about the room on Wednesday that I’d left out little details like….well, the little details.

So here we go!

We started with a beige box of a room.  The carpet was in and it was a great neutral shade.  The layout of the room posed some challenges – two sides of the room had sloped ceilings and the windows took up the only free wall.  But hey – challenges are part of the fun, right?

Also I had to work around furniture that had already been picked by the lucky little lady and the folks footing the bill (read: parents).  Fortunately they’d picked some great pieces from Ikea so I was happy to design around them.  The only thing I changed was the hardware (knobs & pulls) on all the Ikea pieces.  Ikea hardware is functional but didn’t exactly have that pretty sparkle factor I wanted for the room.

Stylish Teen Girl Room - Floor Plan

There was also an existing Malm dresser that got a facelift with a little paint and more new hardware.  Above the dresser I used a fabulous purple & grey floral fabric (again, thank you Ikea!) to cover a bulletin board, providing much needed jewelry storage.  The quote in the frame is one of my favourites (although damned if I can remember where I heard it!)  For the pure fun of it I’ve posted a free printable below.  If you fancy recreating your own version check it out!

Stylish Teen Girl Room - Bulletin Board

One side of the room had a relatively unusable nook that bothered me until I came up with the idea of mounting shelves.  Luckily the standard size LACK shelves fit perfectly and ended up looking like custom built-ins – score!

Stylish Teen Girl Room - Shelves

A note about those gorgeous fashion prints – they all come from an Etsy shop called JessicaIllustration.  And bonus she’s having a sale on June 11th.  She’s offering 50% off her 8.5″x11″ prints.  I’m so there!!

A final few details – funky bedding that worked perfectly with the colours of the room.  I’ll be honest and confess that finding that fabric was a happy accident.  I was on the lookout for plain crisp white but I’m glad I found these instead.

A sequined pillow was a must for the room.  I lucked out in finding one in matte black, anything else woulda been too obvious.  I love that it gives a subtle glamour to the bedding.

I thought the bedside tables could serve a useful double purpose – when entertaining company the tables could be stretched out to act as a coffee table.  Teenage girls like a good snack food buffet, am I right?

The teacups were a lovely sentimental supplied by my mom (Nanny to our lucky room recipient)  They add a touch of the classical to balance the modern.

And best of all – the lovely Bailey herself enjoying her new room!

Stylish Teen Girl Room - Other Acessories

For anyone looking to source the items above here’s a list of the vendors & shops I used:

  • Vanity – Ikea
  • Wardrobe – Ikea
  • Daybed – Ikea
  • Hardware (dresser, vanity)- Home Depot
  • Shelves – Ikea
  • Shoe boxes – Urban Barn
  • Prints – Etsy
  • Storage boxes – Ikea
  • Silver Trays – The Elegant Garage Sale
  • Queen Chess Piece – Urban Barn
  • Pillows – Urban Barn
  • Fabrics, bedding, bulletin board, picture frames – Ikea

And lastly, the printable! Download by clicking here.

Amen baby!

Amen baby!

And now I’m outta here.  Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday!

Cheers, Becky


7 thoughts on “Stylish Teenage Girl Bedroom – The Details

  1. I can well imagine your apartment is going to look more and mire like a designer’s office as you gather things for future design work!!

  2. Ha! I hadn’t read this post when I commented on the last. Been buried under my own rock and just catching up on my reading now. Thanks for the printable. Looking forward to adding it to my sweet girl’s room.

    • Hi Danielle,

      Aren’t girl’s rooms fun? Especially in purple – it has such a sophisticated feeling. Do you have any pictures or a post about your girl’s room? Send a link, I’d love to see it!


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