A Tour through my Sketchbook

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program….

Today is Monday which means it’ll will be a sketching-related topic.  Remember my programming promise from way back when?

….actually neither did I – I had to search the archives to remember something I wrote scant weeks ago.  Memory not what it ought to be I suspect…

Anywayyyy…..today we’re diving into the sketchbook itself.  Surprisingly, the pages hold much more than my scribbly drawings.

I’ve always had a sketchbook on the go.  I usually go through about one a year – in fact it’s my own personal new year ritual to get a new one.  Lately with the blogging and the general on-the-go-edness of my life I’ve found myself keeping a small book in my purse as an organizer.  It holds notes, lists, project ideas, blog posts, graphic doodles and the occasional sketch.

I read a study recently that posited that we get a lot of our creative ideas outside of productive work times. While the brain is otherwise occupied with mundane activities like walking, shopping or driving is when the big ideas tend to strike. For that reason, and ’cause it’s some of my only free time, I like to sketch out stuff on the subway.

I would use as that as the reason the below drawings are sometimes shaky but the truth is they’d look that way no matter what (see above title of this blog)

Theoretical Projects

This is when I design stuff I’m reasonably sure will never (or could never) get built. Maybe the idea is too complicated to execute in my teeny apartment. Maybe the scope is too pie in the sky. Or sometimes they’re downright structurally unstable. But in any case, it’s fun to mess around with ideas!

Here’s a set of drawings for stuff in my kid’s room.  A home theatre under a bunk bed.  And a spaceship built into his closet.  See what I mean about ludicrous to execute?  ….although I kinda hope the spaceship one actually happens one day…

Sketchbook Tour - Theoretical Projects

Blog Admin

Wanna hear my ultra high-tech organizing secret? I drew a calendar.

That’s right, there are about 5 billion apps that’ll organize my scattered self from now ’til kingdom come and yet this little sketch has kept me on track better than any of ’em.  Weird I know.  But somehow it works.

And the other sketch was my first pass at doing my Apartment Tour plan.  Fortunately I invested a bit more time once I’d disembarked and made a better version.

Sketchbook Tour - Admin

Coffee Table Ideas

I nearly filed this one under Theoretical Projects but I have a strong feeling I’ll eventually get around to building this. The only question will be which design I’ll go with…thoughts? Preferences?

Sketchbook Tour - Coffee Table Ideas

Project Planning

Some projects I like to dive in headfirst and see what happens. Others take more forethought and many drafts of a plan before I’m ready to start.

When it comes to my balcony I’ve gone through a few different layouts. Still a work in progress….

For my front hall closet – the level of pre-planning detail might seem a little excessive but it’s paid off handsomely with a much more organized and functional space.  Watch for a future post on that project.

Sketchbook Tour - Project Planning

Actual Sketching

If no creative inspiration is striking I’ll fall back on drawing whatever is around me. And adding little notes that make perfect sense at the time but which I am now hard-pressed to decipher….

Sketchbook Tour - Sketches

Lastly, here’s the sketchbook in our mutual happy place. Freed from the noisy confines of the subway. Resting comfortably near a full cup of coffee. And supporting a red velvet cupcake…mmm…cupcake…

Ahhh….I already miss Saturday morning…

Sketchbook & A Coffee


4 thoughts on “A Tour through my Sketchbook

  1. :) Loved reading this post felt like I was on your sketch journey with you! I love the herring bone sketch for your coffee table! And so want one of those Red Velvet cupcakes! Oh and the spaceship closet totally cool!!

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