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Hola and welcome!

What’s sketchy styles you ask?  Well you didn’t exactly *ask* but I have to assume if you clicked on this link you have a basic curiosity!

Sketchy styles is a catch-all description for my approach to anything creative.  It’s about diving into a project and rolling with mistakes and detours along the way.

I intend to capture the whole messy creative process, warts and all.  Slip ups are frequently a part of my process and they can range from small (slipped stitch) to big (large oil paint spill in my tiny lil’ bathroom).  But hey, some of the best projects have at least some element of happy accident to them, right?

Fair warning – I’m not an expert at any of the things I do.  The wacky wide web is filled with people infinitely more knowledgable than me.  Wherever I can I’ll post links to the folks who do it better (or at least give better step-by-step instructions) so you can gather the info you need to try out your own DIY experiments.

I recently moved into a new apartment and I’m joyfully filling it up piece by crafted piece.  I hope you’ll enjoy the journey as I turn a beige box into a colourful home.



P.S. For an explanation of the “Dear Auntie Moonbeam” that prefaces all my posts please see my very first post!


6 thoughts on “Me in a nutshell

    • Hi Christina!

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I hail from Toronto – the nearest oceans are pretty far for me too but I do have a pretty large lake nearby! :)

      What kind of project? Fair warning I have black thumbs so if you’re looking for help with the planting you’re outta luck! :)


    • Hi Christina,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      I hail from Toronto. I don’t have any oceans near me either but I do have a big lake nearby! :)

      I was going to ask what kind of project you’re looking for but then I got your etsy message, nevermind!


  1. Hey, Becky, from another Becky but I go by Rebecca. Found you from a comment you made on Redesigned and wanted to say Hi. Like your blog. Will follow you but will have to check out the rest of your blog later. I, too, wondered why anyone would blog but now I’m hooked, too. Have been blogging for about a year and while I also include some DIY, mine is mostly of the more essay, informative type blog about mental health. Anway, from one Rebecca to another, Hi. I’ll check back again soon.

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