Urban Sketches

The term sketchy styles originally popped into my head when I let go of chasing the perfect style and accepted that my drawings were, and would always be, messy.

I fudge details, redraw over top of mistakes and my people are nothing more than squiggly lines.  And hey, if that’s not your cup o’ tea then more power to ya!  I’m deeply jealous of the people who can turn out perfect line drawings that accurately reflect the world around them.

That just ain’t me.

Sure, if I have all the time in the world I can achieve something more polished and pretty. But by and large my drawings are done on the fly, with little time and sometimes less than ideal site conditions.  What you’ll see here will be messy, fast and downright chaotic.  But I think that’s all part of the fun!

Follow along as I sketch my way through Toronto, with a few other cities thrown in for variety!

Coffee - it does the sketches good!

Coffee – it does the sketches good!


Thoughts? Comments? Insight?

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