Urban Sketches

Dear Auntie Moonbeam

Today I have a mixed bag of sketches to show you.

First, I’ve got some additions in the works for my Etsy shop!  Keep an eye out for this strip o’ green goodness:

Paint Chip Sketch - Old Montreal

Second, the only bit of urban sketching I did this week was while I waiting for a friend in the park. In case my scratches aren’t clear those are ultimate frisbee players in the foreground.

Sometimes I feel extra lazy sketching people who are clearly working harder than me….but then I think hey, at least I’m not sweating.

Rosehill Resovoir - Toronto - Urban Sketch

And lastly, I’ve got a fun sketch-related post in the works for next Monday and it’s gonna involve a bit of work from your end.  And when I say ‘your’ I mean the whole wide interweb.  We’re gonna solve a mystery!

Here’s a preview:

Toronto Rosedale Mystery Sketch


Thoughts? Comments? Insight?

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